Flamboyant actor Leo Pierson hires David Randall to find his Art Nouveau treasures, including a cursed glass dragonfly.  As mysterious murders occur, Randall also deals with his psychic friend Camden's addiction to vision-cancelling pills and two friendly pythons.  Then a spirit from the Other Side requests his help via his daughter Lindsey, a spirit with ties to the stolen artwork.

The Grace Street novels balance on the thin line that separates mysteries with elements of fantasy from fantasies with elements of mainstream mysteries. This balance allows the author to reach a broad spectrum of readers, all of whom should be very pleased with this new novel. Tesh is a fine writer (she is also the author of the Madeline Maclin mystery series), and readers searching for something a little different need look no further than this genre-bending series. — David Pitt, Booklist, November, 2018