New for 2022! Grace Street #8, Fatal Fantasy

David Randall and his friend Camden are enjoying ExtravaganzaCon when two people are murdered in the convention hotel. To find the killer, Randall has to deal with a Faerie Queen, a disruptive Batman, and an artist whose horrific paintings may hold a clue.

Are you looking for paranormal mystery books that will suck you in and keep you up at night with engaging characters and plot twists and turns? Look no further than Jane Tesh’s Grace Street Mystery novels. Living in North Carolina, Jane Tesh has penned genre-bending books that are sure to entertain everyone, from the staunchest who-dun-it fans to those who love all things supernatural.
This paranormal mystery book series is something unlike you've ever read before, and you're sure to love David Randall, Camden, Kary, and the entire cast of characters in the pages. Forget your to-be-read list; choose your next obsession right here.

Paranormal Mystery Book Series

Gone Daddy Blues, Grace Street #7

PI David Randall has sworn off chasing deadbeat dads. But when he receives a message from his little daughter's spirit, he has a change of heart. But his case is complicated when Camden decides not to be psychic, and Randall's pursuit of the gone daddy leads him to a serial killer with a yen for blond hair.


Death by Dragonfly, Grace Street #6

Flamboyant actor Leo Pierson hires David Randall to find his Art Nouveau treasures, including a cursed glass dragonfly.  As mysterious murders occur, Randall also deals with his psychic friend Camden's addiction to vision-cancelling pills and two friendly pythons.  Then a spirit from the Other Side requests his help via his daughter Lindsey, a spirit with ties to the stolen artwork.

The Grace Street novels balance on the thin line that separates mysteries with elements of fantasy from fantasies with elements of mainstream mysteries. This balance allows the author to reach a broad spectrum of readers, all of whom should be very pleased with this new novel. Tesh is a fine writer (she is also the author of the Madeline Maclin mystery series), and readers searching for something a little different need look no further than this genre-bending series. — David Pitt, Booklist, November, 2018

You can buy your own copy of Death by Dragonfly or any of Jane's other novels, including the Madeline Maclin Mystery series, and her fantasy novels, including Butterfly Waltz and Over the Edge, on Amazon. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy, contemporary fiction, mystery, or suspense, you’ll find a book to love in Jane Tesh's collection.

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