Carried off to another world to take part in an annual festival, Belinda Bevin must find

a way home for herself and her brother, Jay.  But Jay is enjoying the play and its pompous

director, a round yellow blob of self-importance named Parvan, who needs to win the

festival in order to win his way home.

Belinda meets Martin, a handsome young man, and helps him find his living musical reeds

so that he can take part in the festival, as well, but she senses something evil lurking in this

peaceful world, an evil that threatens her as well as Martin and Jay.

New Books

The Monsters of Spiders' Rest

Flickfoot is a genetically enhanced spider living with his friends Plinks and Jellyroll in their house, Spiders' Rest, and wondering what to do now that their creator, Dr. Vil, has died.  When Dr. Vil's grandson arrives to claim the house, Flickfoot has a new set of worries.  Will Ty accept the spiders?  More importantly, should he know about the other much larger and more dangerous monsters living in the woods?

Mel Worthington wasn't sure what he'd find when he went over the edge into Fairyland.  there he was amazed to discover his mother was revered as a goddess known as the Diamond Queen.  Mel has a rightful claim to the throne, but Riley, his fierce bodyguard, has a claim of her own.  When a strange social media fad called "Flitter" enchants all the young fae, Mel and Riley must work together to save Fairy tales.  And of course there's a talking animal sidekick.

Coronation Day looms for Mel Worthington, surprise heir to the throne of Eldenfair, a fairy tale land located on a vast alternate world called Andrea on the Other Side of his human home.  
Warned by the court wizard, Zorill, of a possible takeover attempt, Mel and his Captain of the Guard, Riley Evensong, are searching for answers when they fall through doorways of light, landing in various Andrean lands, all threatened by the Cavern-born, evil beings set on conquest.

Too Much Magic is the sequel to Over the Edge.

Watch for the third book, Spellchecked, coming in 2021.

Madeline's fourth mystery, A Bad Reputation, is now available.

Aside from trying to reform her con man husband, Jerry Fairweather, and find something useful for him to do, Madeline faces new problems in her little Southern town of Celosia, NC.  Not only does wealthy Wendall Clarke's plan to open an art gallery set the Art Guild buzzing with jealousy and excitement, Wendall's ex-wife Larissa is furious that Wendall brought along his new and much younger wife, Flora.  When Wendall is found murdered, Madeline has plenty of suspects among the local artists, who are at odds over who should be in charge of the new gallery.