When Taft is found dead in a trunk at the Magic Club, Randall realizes this wasn't just a trick gone wrong.  He'll have to perform a little magic of his own to solve the case. 

A missing song book leads David Randall and his psychic friend, Camden, into a murder investigation that involves more than one ghost and a search for family and home.

‚ÄčStolen Hearts is the first in the Grace Street Mystery Series. "A gratifying blend of the surprising and the spirited" Publishers Weekly.

Mixed Signals is the second book.  PI David Randall was looking forward to his mother's Christmas visit to Grace Street, but when Camden starts having violent flashbacks to his friend Jared's murder, Randall needs to solve the case fast.

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Cam's friend and tenant, Rufus Jackson, receives a letter from his ex-wife, Bobbi, with the surprising news he's the father of her little girl. But then Bobbie is murdered and her baby stolen.  Now Rufus is a prime suspect, and David Randall takes the case, despite interruptions from ghosts and surly teenagers.  "The delightful characters navigate their worldly and otherworldly challenges with affection and humor, and Tesh maintains a whimsical tone that doesn't detract from the serious subject matter" Publishers Weekly



Now You See It is the third book in the Grace Street Series. David Randall is hired by magicians Taft and Lucas Finch to find a special box they claim was once owned by Houdini.



The author of an asexual heroine mystery book

When David Randall is hired to find the wayward partner of Folly Harper's BeautiQueen cosmetics, he discovers a strange connection to the death of elderly actress Viola Mitchell.  Meanwhile, Camden experiences sudden bouts of telekinesis as his wedding to Ellen approaches.